• The StockPickingLab section Launch

    The StockPickingLab section Launch
    We are launching the StockPickingLab section, through which you gain access to the relatively most undervalued and overvalued stocks within the S&P 100 index. You can view the results of the Stock Picker system in real operation here. The average annual yield is 17,69 %, while the maximum drawdown is -13,72 %.…

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  • Reporting of automatic trading systems

    Reporting of automatic trading systems
    Take a look at the results of our trading systems in a real trading environment. The StockPicker model focused on trading shares of the largest US companies (from the S & P100 index) currently reaches a CAGR of 32.59 %. Excluding fees and forex, even 45.06 %. MomentumFormula II model…

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  • PatternLab Introduction

    PatternLab Introduction
    We would like to introduce the PatternLab application, the module of AnalyticalPlatform.com. Current version offers testing of 66 price patterns on 3000 stock titles. The application brings detailed performance and risk statistics about the pattern behaviour. If deciding to trade according to the tested pattern, the application also provides email…

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  • Analysis of financial articles

    Analysis of financial articles
    Comming Soon. The post Analysis of financial articles appeared first on CCF RESEARCH.

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  • The first rebalance of StockPickingLab

    The first rebalance of StockPickingLab
    Our company deals with software development, data and text analysis. However, the creation of models and software based on the principles of artificial intelligence is only the first step in commercially successful applications. One of our applications is StockPickingLab, which selects the most appropriate stocks to build a long &…

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  • Momentum Formula report JULY 19 – MAY 20

    Momentum Formula report JULY 19 – MAY 20
    Since July 2019, our automatic trading system Momentum Formula, built on oil and gold, has been in full operation. You can find more information here. Below we present the results in real operation, including the market fees: Trading start 17 JULY 2019 Number of trading days 144* Number of Trades 23 (10…

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