The “Financial Research Software” team from CCF RESEARCH, a.s. is composed of statisticians, data analysts, programmers and traders.

Our goal is to achieve better and more stable results, reduce risk and the operating costs of asset management. We verify and implement ideas and mathematical procedures that are completely new in mathematical and IT theory.

We transfer outputs of our research and development to sub-applications used by portfolio managers. In 2020, we present a unique trading platform, used in global financial and currency markets. Thi platform operates on the basis of so-called metastrategies, i.e. layers above the trading strategy itself, which aims to define, monitor, evaluate and respond when to and when not to trade.


Michal is a leading developer of Financial Research Software. He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. As part of his R&D activities, he focuses on data analysis, Bayesian statistics and time series modeling.

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  Michal Dufek